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IM London specialises in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies tailored to your business that help you achieve your marketing goals. We have 20 years of industry experience working with companies within a range of sectors such as aviation, hotel, property, education, healthcare and finance optimising brands and delivering growth.

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How we can craft a marketing strategy for you

We offer a range of marketing solutions from comprehensive research that will help your business achieve a successful rebrand to resolving internal constraints through data-led, results-driven strategies.

Market research and insights

Cut through internal politics and personal opinions and turn to your customers to inform your marketing. Reap the rewards of quantitative and/or qualitative research-based insights which put your customers and communities at the heart of your brand purpose and your marketing actions. Based on the latest research techniques and tools, we tackle any brief with bespoke proposals to deliver practical and robust solutions.


Interim marketing solutions

If you have all your chosen agencies in place but are temporarily under-resourced internally for any number of reasons, we can step in and manage your marketing for you. Many of our team started as clients, so we are experienced in driving forward customer focused marketing. We also take into account commercial, operational and the many other internal needs or constraints of business.


Detailed market analysis and planning

Too much data, but not enough knowledge? Our expertise comes from hands-on experience in detailed analysis of facts and figures – we have found it’s the only way to unearth the nuggets of information you need to future proof your business. Data led strategy will ensure that your brand refresh, re-brand, market segmentation and marketing campaign will deliver genuine competitive edge and sustainable market advantage.

OUR EXpertise

Big idea marketing campaigns

It goes without saying that integrated campaigns – led by that one great creative idea – are the only way to go. Digital, traditional, above the line, below the line whatever your terminology, we have the track record to ensure your campaign is aligned to your business strategy and delivers the kind of creative wow that comes from clear insight and ruthless focus.


Stand out with compelling copy

It’s easy to forget about the power of the written word. However – in a world that is constantly demanding fresh, unique content, expertly crafted copy becomes essential in any marketing plan, advertising campaign or website initiative. We help you reach your business goals by creating enticing, digestible content that aligns your brand with the goals of your target audience. If you’re looking to drive sales, expand your business or undertake a brand refresh, our copy is guaranteed to deliver results, every time.


Internal engagement

Internal engagement is as important as your external focus, particularly in today’s experience economy.  Your employees’ experience in the workplace is not only integral to their lifestyle choices, but integral to their performance at work which affects productivity and your bottom line. We can help you create, implement and sustain a stretching, engaging but realistic internal brand / campaign strategy.


Benefits of using a strategic marketing agency

IM London’s expertise, resources, and creativity will ensure that we get you measurable results that align with your business goals.

Expertise and experience: IM London has a team of professionals with expertise and experience in implementing effective marketing strategies whether it’s in digital marketing or traditional. We can provide your business with valuable insights, recommendations and best practices to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Objectivity and perspective: We can provide you with a fresh perspective on your business and the market it sits within; this can be challenging to achieve when relying on internal thinking. IM London can identify new opportunities and challenges that you may not have considered and provide solutions to resolve them.

Time and cost savings: Developing and implementing a marketing strategy internally can be time-consuming and costly, especially if you do not have the necessary expertise and resources. A marketing agency like IM London can save you time and money by having our industry professionals taking care of the entire process for you.

Access to the latest technology and tools: Strategic marketing agencies are up to date with, and have access to, the latest technology and tools which will help you to implement your marketing strategy more effectively. You can leave it safely in our hands or we can provide your team with training and support to ensure that you have the skills to use these marketing tools effectively.

Measurable results: Having tangible data is essential to ensuring you are getting a return on your investment. IM London develops marketing strategies that are measurable and trackable; this enables you to see the results of your marketing efforts in real-time to help you review progress and make data-driven decisions.

Scalability: Employing a marketing strategy agency like IM London can help your business scale its marketing efforts as it grows – by adjusting the strategy as needed to accommodate changes in your business, market, or customer behaviour.

Why choose IM London?

IM London is a team of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the latest marketing trends, technologies, and best practices. We have experience working with businesses within a variety of sectors to achieve their marketing goals, from increasing brand awareness to driving more sales and revenue and we are committed to ensuring our strategies align with your overall business goals and objectives. We strive to set ourselves apart from the numerous marketing agencies out there through our unique approach, service expertise and our commitment to our clients’ success.



Marketing strategy plans

Our marketing and brand strategy plans are all bespoke to our client’s needs. The price for a straightforward, high level strategic marketing plan for a small to medium sized business would start at around £5,000

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Ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our digital and traditional marketing services. Our team of experts is ready to help you create an effective and impactful marketing campaign that will help you reach your target audience, drive better results and reach your marketing goals.

To find out more about our marketing services, get in touch with us on +44 (0)20 7637 2614 or email


What is the process for setting up and developing a marketing campaign?
  • Research your customers by segment, competitors and market trends
  • Create a high level campaign plan and budget
  • Brainstorm to decide on your campaign proposition
  • Test your proposition internally and/or externally to ensure it is sound and will work across multi media
  • Select the best channels for your campaign and establish your media plan/costs
  • Set up measurement criteria
  • Design your creative for the campaign – brand content, visuals and interactions
  • Roll out tailored campaign executions for each channel
  • Ensure your internal teams are well briefed before the campaign starts
  • Launch the campaign
  • Monitor, measure, manage and adapt as the campaign progresses
  • Review, learn and integrate new results-driven discoveries and customer feedback into improving the customer’s experience and informing future campaigns
What industries does IM London specialise in and how are your marketing campaigns tailored to these?

IM London specialises in service sectors, in particular travel, hotels, financial services, property and catering. Tailoring a marketing campaign to suit individual clients within these sectors is all about:

  • Understanding the brand vision, brands values and USPs of each client
  • Reviewing their current market positioning and the performance of the business
  • Undertaking internal interviews to understand the commercial needs of the business and ensure the campaign is integral to the overall business plan
  • Establishing roles, responsibilities and decision-making ground rules in relation to the campaign – for both client and agency
  • At IM London we then follow our tried and tested process for creating and delivering the campaign




How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns?

Measurement will depend completely on the client’s primary and secondary objectives.

Each campaign needs its own set of measurement criteria and processes to ensure continuous learning throughout the campaign: for immediate or short term follow up – as well as for longer term measurement for brand growth, guest experience and brand.

How long does it take to see results from a marketing campaign with IM London?

For simple calls to action such as website visits, clicks, bookings, calls etc. the results can be immediate.

For longer term change such as loyalty growth, brand repositioning or a change in customer behaviour a realistic set of measurement milestones needs to be set up in advance by customer segment and measured accordingly to track trends.


IM is a specialist branding, marketing & creative agency. Established in London, our purpose is to deliver formidable branding, marketing and creative expertise for startups, SME’s and blue-chip companies.

IM London

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