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Volatility in supply and demand, particularly within service sectors such as travel, hospitality and property means a regular brand health check is a smart way to maintain competitive advantage.

Customer Experience has emerged as the key driver of sustainable growth in the last few years and 86% of customers will pay more for experiences that deliver value.  Our Brand Health Check is geared to helping organisations offer value at every touchpoint with their customers.

What is a brand audit?

A brand audit works by examining your brand’s current position in the market compared to its competitors and provides a clear understanding of the effectiveness of your current brand strategy. As well as identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, it will look into elements such as the design, identity and visual aspects of your brand.

Understanding your brand’s health is a key part of the audit. Just like a regular health check-up, a brand audit gives you an insight into the overall health of your brand so that you can start to roll out a treatment and recovery plan and give your business a competitive edge.

A good brand health check with investigate features such as:

– Brand consistency: ensures your business is being consistently represented across all customer touchpoints

– Customer Perception: looks at how your target market perceives your brand and whether your values and messaging resonate with them

– Competitive Positioning: understands where your business stands next to its competitors. It evaluates what makes you stand out and what improvements could be made

– Digital Presence: analyses how your brand performs across all digital platforms and channels.

The benefits of a brand audit

A brand audit goes above and beyond a simple analysis of your business. As well as examining your current positioning in the market, a good brand audit identifies actionable insights and opportunities that can guide your future marketing strategies to help you reposition your business for greater success.

It ensures that your branding aligns with your business objectives, leading to a more cohesive and focused approach and identifies weaknesses present in your current brand strategy that you can improve upon. A brand audit helps you to get to know your audience and gives you an insight into how customers perceive your brand so that you can adapt your messaging to more effectively connect with your audience, enhancing customer engagement.

Moreover, by spotting potential issues in your branding early on, a health check allows your company to resolve potential issues with your brand strategy, preventing them from developing into major problems.

Our Brand Audit and Health Check Services

Whether you’re looking to for a brand refresh, want to realign with your audience or just reassess where you stand, our brand audit and health check services can provide the insights you need to reposition your brand, strive for growth and reach your business goals.

The brand audit process:

Brand Audit Case Study Examples

We have worked with businesses across a variety of industries. Check out our case studies here:

F&B Client

Client need: to increase footfall and spend for the restaurant chain

Our Brand Heath Check: Audit of restaurant brand’s positioning, value proposition and consumer appeal through bespoke qualitative research and analysis; this led to a new value positioning, brand refresh and menu review.

Food & Beverage Expertise

Hotel Client

Client need: to transform their hotel brand from single property mid-market proposition to an upscale portfolio brand with several properties

Our Brand Health Check: Analysis of market trends, gaps and insights, a brand audit and an assessment of internal competencies; the outcome was a new market positioning and branding with focus on sustainability along with an employee engagement and retention programme.


Property Client

Client need: to increase share of multi-million dollar commercial property developments

Our Brand Health check: Review of recent bid styles, approach and outcomes leading to an innovative and creative led bid process aligned to multimedia style bid presentations.


Our brand audit packages

  • Market trends

  • Audience check

  • Competitor check

  • Product check

  • Service check

  • Value review

  • Analysis

  • Next steps

  • Brand audit

  • Value audit

  • Guest experience

  • Qualitative research

  • Quantitative research

  • Resources review

  • Operations

  • Employee engagement

  • Systems & support

  • Financials

  • Measurements

  • Recommendations


  • Data driven solutions

  • New value proposition

  • New markets

  • New/refresh guest experience

  • Relaunch

  • Campaigns & communications

  • Develop employee experience

  • Training & mentoring

  • Talent profiling & retention

  • Systems & support

  • Measure, refine & improve

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Why choose IM London?

IM London is a team of experienced professionals working with companies within a range of sectors such as aviation, hotel, property, education, healthcare and finance optimising brands and delivering growth. We have 25 years of industry experience in developing and delivering effective brand audits and health checks that are tailored to your company and help you reach your business goals, set you apart from competitors and drive long-term growth.

Our Clients

Check out our work with clients to find out how we created distinctive brands within competitive markets and how we repositioned brands.

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Q: How often should I conduct a brand audit?

A: This varies depending on your company’s needs and market dynamics. For example, major changes in your industry or within the company may warrant more frequent audits. Typically a brand audit should be conducted annually to identify any weakness and business opportunities early on and prevent any issues from developing into larger problems.

Q: Can I conduct a brand audit myself?

A: There are tools and resources that you can use to conduct a basic brand audit and health check yourself. However, this will require a lot of research and often requires purchasing tools to get an accurate result. Employing the services of a brand audit company with experience and expertise ensures a more comprehensive analysis.

Q: How does a brand audit differ from regular marketing analysis?

A: Brand audits are more specialised and only focus on the brand’s identity, perception, consistency and competition. It zeros in on brand-specific elements whilst regular marketing analysis often covers broader aspects of the marketing strategy.

Q: Is the information gathered during the audit confidential?

A: IM London adheres to strict privacy policies to ensure that all information gathered during a brand audit is handled with confidentiality to ensure your data’s security.


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