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Branding for start-ups

There’s always a great buzz around helping new ventures realise their vision and bringing ideas to life. Getting start-up branding right from the word go is critical to success. We thrive on the innovation, creativity and pace that’s needed to design and launch winning brands that build value and deliver ROI for new businesses. Whether you need the works or simply some help and advice in the form of consultancy, we are here to help.

As experts in brand positioning and start-up branding, we deliver everything that’s needed for start-ups, from naming, logo design and visual identity to colour palette, fonts, tone of voice and brand guidelines.

If you do not already have detailed information about your target customers we can carry out market research for you – and create a brand strategy that will help you hit the ground running. We create stunning websites to suit different budgets and help ensure you are getting maximum reach and engagement.

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Why is branding important for start-ups?

Creating a distinct brand identity in the competitive world of business is crucial to helping your brand stand out in a crowd of established giants and emerging innovators and shapes how it is perceived by your target market. A solid brand strategy goes beyond a catchy logo and memorable tagline and encapsulates the heart and soul of your startup business – its missions, values and unique selling points. As well as positioning your startup as a unique business, it helps to create credibility and trust, build a loyal customer base that advocates for your products or services and attract investors who are drawn to brands and not just ideas, making it an indispensable tool for every startup.


Why choose us?

A strong web presence can make or break a new business. IM London is a team of experienced professionals working with companies within a range of sectors such as professional services, aviation, hotel, property, education, healthcare and finance. With 20+ years of industry experience in developing and delivering effective brand strategies and identities that resonate with target audiences, we have a great track record designing and building start-up websites that stand out from the crowd to help brands break into markets. From a simple site to build credibility, to a more complex bespoke build, our focus is on innovative design and intuitive user experience with detailed analytics. We also specialise in creating multi-channel campaigns for launch and long-term growth.


Our branding packages for start-ups

Our bespoke start-up packs have everything you need, including business cards, letterheads, content creation, any type of sales collateral – you name it! Ranging from our basic start up packages to specialised entrepreneur kits, find our branding packages for start-ups here to kickstart your digital web presence.


Our Clients

We’ve worked with a range of clients in sectors like aviation, hotel, lifestyle, professional services and more. Check out our work with clients to find out how we created distinctive brands within competitive markets and put these start-ups on the map.

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Q: How long does it take to develop a brand from scratch?

A: This will depend on how clear your brand objectives and your business plan are – including how much data you have about your target customers, market sectors, key competitors and pricing.  If none of this is to hand, IM London can help with market research and help you put together the right brand strategy, market positioning and naming. Once that is done it can take as little as a week to create a brand identity.  The timing for brand roll out including website design will vary and IM London will tailor the timing and budget to suit your needs. 

Q: How do you measure the success of your branding campaign?

A: Again, this will depend upon your objectives.  Key long term brand measures include brand awareness, creation of brand loyalty and repeat business, growth in value per transaction and lifetime value per customer.  Short term measures include increase in transactions, social media reputation and engagement, website traffic, customer reviews and ratings, enquiries and sign ups.

Q: How do you ensure that a brand is consistent across different platforms?

A: For a brand to be consistent across communications and the delivery of brand  services, you need a set of professional brand guidelines.  Brand guidelines will ensure that your brand vision and business plan are optimised throughout the customer journey at every brand touchpoint – from website, advertising and social media to product quality, customer service and more. Brand consistency enables you to build your brand equity.  IM London has 25+ years experience in producing effective brand guidelines.

Q: Will I have a dedicated team or a single point of contact throughout the process?

A: At IM London, you will always have a dedicated senior point of contact and team for your start up project.


IM is a specialist branding, marketing & creative agency. Established in London, our purpose is to deliver formidable branding, marketing and creative expertise for startups, SME’s and blue-chip companies.

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