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Graphic design is an essential element of your marketing strategy. It ensures that you are attracting customers through visually appealing designs, whilst accurately conveying your brand’s values and effectively communicating the details of your company and its products to your target audience.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, we can tailor a strategy that makes sure that you stand out from the competition through bespoke, eye-catching design and content.

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What exactly is graphic design?

Graphic design is “the process of visual communication and problem-solving, using typography, photography and graphics”.

Creativity is at the heart of IM London and crafted graphic design is what we do to deliver engaging and eye-catching marketing materials for our clients. Our expert creative team provides intelligent ‘thinking-outside the box’ concepts with visually stunning graphic design.


IM London’s graphic design services

From logos, brochures and packaging to websites and any other design services, we can answer any brief with compelling communications to help your business succeed. We can assist your business with:a whole suite of marketing materials from brand identity to complete brand roll out – or we can provide a single brochure, sales deck or website design by creating a re-fresh new look for your existing brand materials; it all depends on your needs.

Imaginative content creation, content design & copywriting

IM London specialises in original and bespoke creative, translating briefs into complete visual concepts, including content creation, content design and copywriting if required. With extensive experience across a range of graphic design disciplines and sectors, we deliver unique ideas that support marketing strategies and help generate sales across platforms. Our commercially-aware creative team can balance the reality of business requirements with insightful and engaging big ideas. The design process not only encompasses the creative vision, but the ‘pixel-perfect’ execution and rollout of concepts across marketing collateral.


Bespoke iconography & illustrations

We can create eye-catching and unique assets in a style that complements your digital branding, including bespoke icons, illustrations, infographics or other vector graphics. Moving images can really tell a story and engage your audience on your website or social media – we can transform any graphic assets into animated GIFs.

Effective logo design

We create logos that are easily recognisable, scalable, adaptable and that effectively communicate your brand’s core values. A well designed logo is crucial for businesses as it helps to establish a strong brand identity that resonates with their audience, differentiates them from their competitors, increases brand awareness and represents your company, brand or organisation.

Communicative brochures

Our graphic design team designs brochures that serve as a visual and information tool to grab the attention of your target audience whilst concisely communicating the details of your company and its products, services or events. As well as carefully selecting the text, images, graphics, colour schemes and typography used to convey your brand identity and message, IM London understands the importance of considering the client’s objectives, brand identity, and target audience to roll out an effective marketing campaign.

Find out more about our brochure design services here.

Visually appealing packaging

Packaging not only has the functional purposes of protecting and preserving your products but it is also an opportunity to attract customers, convey your brand message and differentiate you from competitors. Well designed packaging should be aesthetically pleasing to capture the attention of consumers, be consistent with your brand’s identity through topography, logos and colours, clearly communicate information about the products and create a positive and memorable experience for customers. IM London are marketing experts that understand consumer behaviour, allowing us to develop effective and appealing packaging and contribute to an increased ROI.

Consistent art working

Our art working process involves ensuring that design files are in the correct format for the intended output, colour management to ensure consistency across different devices and materials, paying careful attention to typography for optimal visual appeal, optimising images, proofreading to ensure that all content is accurate and up-to-date and print preparation. At IM London, we pride ourselves in our strong attention to detail, technical knowledge and expertise in the industry standards to ensure that the final output meets professional standards.

Professional photo retouching

Our graphic designers are well versed in photo retouching to improve the quality, visual appeal and communicative effectiveness of your image. The IM London team has access to the latest software tools and are well versed with industry standards to get your company or brand a professional finish.

Engaging digital applications

IM London effectively utilises graphic design elements to deliver visually engaging and functional digital designs for a wide range of applications such as websites, apps, social media platforms and digital advertising. We keep your brand identity, business goals and target audience at the forefront of our design process whilst creating engaging, attractive and user friendly content that provides users with a seamless online experience.

Find out more about our digital strategy services here.

High quality print specifications and print management

At IM London, we ensure the accuracy and consistency of printed products through our commitment to closely following print guidelines and requirements. Our expert team of graphic designers guarantee that the final printed material meets the required quality standards, deadlines and budget constraints set and effectively represents your brand

To find out more about our graphic design and brand design services, please get in touch:

 +44 (0)20 7637 2614 or


Benefits of using a graphic and content design agency

Employing the services of a graphic design agency ensures that you have a team of industry professionals who specialise in developing visually compelling and effective marketing materials, digital applications and content. Design agencies bring with them an objective perspective to help you identify and act upon any weaknesses in your existing strategy that may not have been recognised internally. They also bring with them the tools, resources and experience to develop elements of your graphic and content design strategy more efficiently and effectively and maintain consistency across all touchpoints at the forefront of their work whilst helping businesses to build customer loyalty.


Why choose IM London?

IM London is a team of experienced professionals working with companies within a range of sectors such as aviation, hotel, property, education, healthcare and finance optimising brands and delivering growth. We have 20 years of industry experience in developing and delivering effective graphic design and content strategies that resonate with target audiences, meet their overall business objectives and position them as strong brands within their industry that drives long-term growth. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business wanting a refresh, we can deliver results tailored to your business to meet your goals.


Our Clients

We’ve worked with a range of clients in sectors like aviation, hotel, lifestyle, professional services and more. Check out our work with clients to find out how we created distinctive brands within competitive markets and put these start-ups on the map.

Our Work


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Q: What does your graphic design service include?

A: IM London’s graphic design services include creation of brand identities including logos, colour palettes, fonts and image style; our graphic design services also include all types of marketing materials – advertising, promotional brochures and flyers, website design, design of social media assets, design of exhibition stands, digital display screens, sales collateral and operational collateral; IM London also designs stationery, business cards, sales decks, pitch proposal and bid documents, packaging, annual reports and emails.

Q: How do you handle client communication and project updates during the design process?

A: Every project at IM London is assigned a senior account director and senior creative talent. You will have a single point of contact throughout the project and we will agree which platforms or methods of communication suit you best at the start of the project; we always adapt our process to suit our clients’ needs. 

Q: What is your process for incorporating feedback or making changes to a design?

A: IM London adopts a very collaborative approach to graphic design and taking feedback and making design changes are all part of that iterative process; this ensures the best creative results and latest in design best practice – whilst adapting to suit our clients’ commercial needs throughout the process.

Q: Do you offer any additional marketing services?

A: IM London is a creative branding agency that delivers effective branding, marketing and winning creative solutions to the benefit of our clients, their customers, their employees and their shareholders. We offer a range of services from brand audits, strategy, branding, digital, marketing and advertising alongside our graphic design and content services.


IM is a specialist branding, marketing & creative agency. Established in London, our purpose is to deliver formidable branding, marketing and creative expertise for startups, SME’s and blue-chip companies.

IM London

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