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Your brand is your ambassador and it’s more important than ever to get your brand strategy right and ensure your brand identity stands out.

From start-ups to established businesses, we can help you position your brand with unique values and tell your story with an engaging tone of voice and stunning brand design. Because every business is different, we tailor our approach to deliver unique solutions for every brief, from strategy through to bespoke, eye-catching and memorable brands.

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What is brand identity?

A brand identity is more than just a logo – it’s how a brand looks, sounds and feels. Bringing a brand to life through creative brand design consistently across platforms is our forte –  from logo design, colour palette, typography, imagery and copywriting / tone of voice. We consider every detail to create engaging brand identities that are truly unique to each company we work with, targeting their specific audiences and delivering business objectives.


Why is brand identity important?

Creating a strong brand identity is crucial to establishing your brand as a strong and recogisable business within your industry. It will communicate your unique values effectively to your audience in order to set you apart from competitors and attract customers who are looking for those specific qualities. It will make your brand more memorable, making it easier for customers to recall your business which is especially important if you are occupying a crowded and highly competitive market. This in turn should help you to instil trust and loyalty in customers, making them more likely to employ your service rather than shop around amongst competitors. As your reputation – created through a strong brand identity – grows, customers become more willing to pay a premium for products and services as they are perceived to be of better quality, thus adding to profit margins. Moreover, a strong brand identity that resonates with customers will help you build brand equity, helping your business to withstand economic volatility and maintain your position in the market over time.

What is brand strategy?

Brand strategy is a comprehensive and actionable plan that sets out the development, management and evolution of a brand over time. It defines your unique selling proposition, who your target audience is and how you are going to build a relationship with customers and communicate your brand message to them in order to establish your brand as a strong and recognisable business in the market. It deals with the unique position that your brand occupies within its industry, how it is different from competitors, ensuring that the message you are giving is clear, cohesive and consistent and that it is also reflected in a visual identity that represents your brand. The tone and style of your brand voice and the hierarchy and relationship between your products or services also fall under the umbrella of brand strategy.

Why have a brand strategy?

Having an effective brand strategy is important for businesses that want to establish a strong and recognisable brand and ensure that their marketing moves are calculated, align with your values and are working towards your business goals. A solid brand strategy will work towards keeping your business relevant even in highly competitive markets by identifying and reacting to changes in customer behaviour. All of these elements will keep your main business goals in mind and aim to provide you with a framework so that you can make efficient, educated and effective branding and marketing decisions that promote growth and drive revenue.


Rebranding – our approach

Rebranding is one aspect of maintaining good business strategy. We recommend that businesses undertake a brand audit at least every five years to keep branding relevant to their vision, current marketplace and opportunities. From a simple brand identity refresh to a complete overhaul, we work closely with our clients to understand specific business requirements, ensuring the best brand strategy for better customer engagement and return on investment.


Brand guidelines

In brand design, the devil is in the detail.  Clear brand guidelines are the foundation for successful and consistent brand identities. We specialise in creating, adapting and evolving brand guidelines; offering each company its own distinctive identity through stunning graphic assets, image style, colours, typography, tone of voice and more. Carefully curated guidelines ensure that brand assets are always used in the correct way across all collateral, ensuring a consistent visual message.


Benefits of using a brand identity and strategy agency

Employing the services of a brand identity and brand strategy agency ensures you have a team of industry professionals who specialise in creating a unique and compelling brand identity and have a deep understanding of the wider branding, market positioning and competitive landscape. Branding agencies bring with them an objective perspective to help you identify and act upon any weaknesses in your existing strategy that may not have been recognised internally. Branding agencies have the specialist tools, resources and experience to develop your branding identity and strategy more efficiently and effectively and keep brand consistency across all touchpoints at the forefront of their work and help businesses build customer loyalty. Moreover, employing the services of a brand creative agency does not mean surrendering creative control. Branding agencies work closely with clients to understand their values to develop a strategy that aligns with their goals.

Why choose IM London?

IM London is a team of experienced professionals working with companies within a range of sectors such as aviation, hotel, property, education, healthcare and finance optimising brands and delivering growth. We have 20+ years of industry experience in developing and delivering effective brand strategies and identities that resonate with target audiences, meet their overall business objectives and position them as strong brands within their industry – and drive long-term growth. Whether you’re a start-up looking to create a brand identity or an established business wanting a brand refresh, we can develop and implement an effective brand strategy tailored to your business.




How can a strong brand identity help differentiate my business from competitors?

A strong brand identity will create consistency across every customer touchpoint and establish your business as a recognisable brand to ensure that you stand out and build long-term customer trust and loyalty – and ensure they are more likely to choose your business over your competitors. It should also establish a personality, values and a voice that resonates with your target audience and communicates these clearly to make you stand out.

What elements make a strong brand identity?

There are many things to consider when creating a good brand identity. Having a clear brand purpose in mind helps you to understand why your brand exists and what its goals are so that this can also be communicated to your audience. Alongside your messaging, you should have a clear and recognisable visual identity that includes your logo, colours, typography. Having a clearly defined brand personality, voice, positioning, promise and values are other factors that are key to having a strong brand identity. Ensuring that all of these elements are well defined and consistent across all touchpoints will help your business gain customer loyalty and drive growth.

How does brand identity differ from branding and brand strategy?

Brand identity refers to the visual and communicative elements that make up a brand such as the logo, colours, typography and messaging. Branding is the process of creating and managing a brand, including the development and implementation of a brand identity through its advertising, packaging, and customer service. Brand strategy is the overarching plan for how a brand will achieve its business goals and includes identifying target customers, the development of a unique value proposition and the positioning of the brand compared to its competitors.

How do you measure the effectiveness of a brand identity?

By evaluating how well a brand is meeting its goals, you can measure the effectiveness of a brand identity. This would include looking at how well a brand is being recognised by its target audience and how much brand loyalty it’s gaining through surveys and market research. Qualitative data can be drawn to evaluate a brand’s market share and sales growth to show how it is faring against its competitors. Measuring social media engagement and brand reputation as well as collecting customer feedback are also ways that you can measure the success of a brand identity and find out how a brand is being perceived by its audience and by others within its industry.

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