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From original and creative multi-channel campaigns to bespoke press ads, our team delivers solutions with your commercial objectives in mind. We work with you to help tell your unique story to achieve standout – maximising your brand’s visibility to engage your target audience.

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Advantages of advertising

In today’s competitive marketplace, standing out and making a lasting impact on your target audience is more crucial than ever and advertising can help you achieve this.

Both digital and print advertising help you to increase brand awareness through utilising appealing content to create memorable impressions and reinforce your brand’s image. They also enable your business to build trust through a consistent presence online or in print publications.

Advertising allows your brand to expand your reach through either online channels or print to raise awareness of your business and connect with a larger audience. Both types of advertising can target specific demographics, interests or behaviours to ensure that your target audience is reached.


Our advertising services

We create bespoke, high impact creative advertising campaigns that make your business stand out. The average person sees up to 10,000 ads per day. Because of this, our team is always pushing creative boundaries to help businesses stand out in the heavily cluttered world of advertising..

Solutions for getting above the noise include outstanding brand advertising, value-add marketing, advertising that is educational or entertaining or an interactive experience that does not feel like an ad. We have originated successful digital and print campaigns across sectors for blue-chip companies and start-ups, increasing sales and ROI.

Both digital and print advertising offer your business the potential to reach, engage and convert your audience into customers. Our expert advertising team can tailor a unique advertising strategy that keeps your goals in mind and works to drive your business towards growth and success.


Why choose IM London?

IM London is a team of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends. We have 25 years of industry experience in developing effective advertising strategies that resonate with your target audience, are aligned with your business goals, set you apart from competitors and drive long-term growth. 

From start to finish, we provide comprehensive support to ensure that our clients have a smooth and stress-free experience. Whether you’re a start-up or established business, we can deliver results tailored to your company to meet your business objectives.

DIGITAL Strategy

Our Clients

We’ve worked with a range of clients in sectors like aviation, hotel, lifestyle, professional services and more. Check out our work with clients to find out how we created distinctive brands within competitive markets and put our clients on the map.

Our Work


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Ready to take your advertising strategy to the next level? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services. Our team of experts is ready to help you create an effective and impactful campaign that will help you reach your target audience, drive better results and reach your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you differ from other advertising agencies?

A: Our main focus is providing distinctive creative for your campaign; for many of our clients we create the unique look and feel of their campaign and supply the advertising creative assets to internal teams or other agencies for execution and delivery. This is invariably the most cost effective approach to advertising for many clients.

Q: Can I choose between digital, print or a combination of both?

A: You have the flexibility to choose what best suits your company’s needs whether you want a digital or print campaign or both. Having a combined digital and print advertising campaign will diversify your marketing efforts and can maximise the potential to reach, engage and convert your audience.

Q: How do you measure the success of your advertising campaigns?

A: There are a range of tools used to measure our digital advertising efforts and track metrics such as click-through-rates and conversions. Though not as immediately measurable as digital, the ROI of print advertising can be calculated by measuring goals such as: 

– the number of unique numbers calling your company

– the increase in brand awareness

– a spike in positive reviews

– the engagement and sharing on social media

– the conversion of enquiries to purchase 

– the increase in purchases from returning customers.

Q: What is the process for setting up an advertising campaign?

A: A key focus in the campaign set up is onboarding all internal teams to ensure you build understanding and trust, however the customer may choose to engage with you.  Essentially, the overall process follows a check list such as::

– Review long term business goals and short term needs 

– From this, establish the advertising campaign objectives 

– Define the campaign USPs/Proposition

– Pick specific target audiences for the campaign 

– Research channels for best reach and response rates

– Design the campaign’s unique creative 

– Fully engage and onboard all internal teams

– Introduce specific training for frontline teams to optimise ROI

– Deliver 

– Measure and follow up


IM is a specialist branding, marketing & creative agency. Established in London, our purpose is to deliver formidable branding, marketing and creative expertise for startups, SME’s and blue-chip companies.

IM London

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