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What exactly is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a business’s plan that describes how a company will reach prospective consumers and turn them into customers of the products or services that the company provides. A good marketing strategy takes into account the target customer demographics, unique value of the product and service that is being offered and key marketing messages as well as the company’s goals, budget and other marketing channels.

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IM London’s marketing strategy services for business growth

When it comes to creative marketing strategy, we know the big picture comes first. Whether it’s business strategy, branding, positioning or employee engagement, we will cut to the chase for results, ensuring that your marketing strategy is aligned to business goals. With a depth of experience across sectors – from start-ups to blue chip companies, we can deliver relevant and credible advice to help you stay ahead of the game. We can help you start from scratch to build a robust marketing strategy or we can review your current strategy, working with you to ensure maximum market opportunities.


Customer research

We can audit your current marketing activity and carry out focused and detailed research, to inform an effective cross channel marketing strategy to help get your business where you want it to be. Our extensive commercial and marketing expertise across multiple sectors, ensures that we will deliver plans are both achievable and measurable. Another area of IM expertise is creating the narrative around your marketing strategy and designing the board presentation that will ensure you gain C-Suite buy in and approval.


Marketing consultancy & solutions

We deliver strategically focused world-class marketing solutions, from marketing campaigns, sales presentations and brochures to digital solutions. For long-term or short-term tactics, we’ll bring original ideas across channels, measuring results and delivering your objectives and ROI. Our expertise lies in business strategy, vision and values, market positioning, pricing, customer retention and loyalty, service design and delivery, employee engagement, providing business strategy advice and more.


Copywriting & tone of voice

With modern strategies for every platform and asset, we help to cultivate, elevate and differentiate your brand with results-driven, unique copy that aligns your business goals with that of your target audience. Make an impact in your sector with creative, exciting content that connects with your customers and drives sales in a comprehensive, cost-effective way with the power of the written word. Our advanced content strategy and quick turn-around provides your brand with guaranteed results.


Part-time marketing – Interim marketing

Whether you need project management, regular part-time resources or a short term fix, we can support your business needs with flexible solutions. With our commercial expertise and experience across sectors including the airline, financial, hospitalityhotel industries and more, we can offer unbiased help and advice to achieve results efficiently. We are always on hand, with a flexible and mobile team – for marketing strategy and much more!


Benefits of a marketing strategy

Having a strong marketing strategy is becoming increasingly important in the current world to help your business gain an advantage over your competitors in increasingly competitive markets. It serves as a roadmap that sets out a clear direction and KPIs that guides your business towards its objectives whilst identifying and understanding your target audience. By outlining your strategies and tactics, you can allocate resources more efficiently and focus your budget on high-performing marketing activities that drive growth. Moreover, a solid marketing strategy aims to increase your brand’s visibility in order to retain and attract customers, increasing sales and therefore revenue.

Why choose IM London?

IM London is a team of experienced professionals working with companies within a range of sectors such as aviation, hotel, property, education, healthcare and finance optimising brands and delivering growth. We have 25 years of industry experience in developing and delivering effective marketing strategies that are aligned with your business goals, set you apart from competitors and drive long-term growth. Whether you’re a start-up wanting to build a robust marketing strategy or an established business needing a review on your current marketing strategy, we can deliver results tailored to your company to meet your business objectives.


Our Clients

We’ve worked with a range of clients in sectors like aviation, hotel, lifestyle, professional services and more. Check out our work with clients to find out how we tailored marketing strategies to put these brands on the map.

Our Work


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Q: What industries or types of businesses do you specialise in?

A: IM London specialises in the services sector. In particular we have long experience in Property, Finance, Travel, Hotels, Hospitality, Education, Health & Wellness; IM’s experience includes every aspect of branding from market research and creating a brand vision to executing the brand identity at every touch point in the customer journey.

Q: How will your services integrate with our existing marketing efforts?

A: IM London’s services are tailored to be integrated with our clients’ business plans. We take time to understand your vision and business objectives so that we can prepare a plan and execute our branding and marketing services to ensure they support your overall vision and long term business objectives. 

Q: Can you explain your process for developing a marketing strategy?

A: To create a marketing strategy, IM London has a clear process and approach in a few steps. Some of our clients have all the relevant data and information that is needed ready to hand; however IM London also undertakes fresh research and collates existing data to inform the marketing strategy if that is the client’s preference. Our key marketing strategy development steps are as follows:

– Review the client’s business goals, ambitions and business plan (if available) 

– Research target customers by segment; also competitors and market trends

– Analyse findings and identify the salient branding and marketing facts. 

– Write a comprehensive report of findings and present to client

– From the finding, create a high level strategic marketing plan

– Set an outline budget and timeline

– Discuss plan for client input and finalise.

Q: How long does it usually take to see results from a marketing strategy you’ve implemented?

A: Each marketing strategy prepared by IM London is unique. What is measured and how it will be measured will determine how soon results are reported. If the objective is building brand equity over a period of time, there will be no fast results. Specific campaigns can be measured much faster depending on KPIs such as number of clicks, engagement, enquiries, reviews – as well as financial returns. 


IM is a specialist branding, marketing & creative agency. Established in London, our purpose is to deliver formidable branding, marketing and creative expertise for startups, SME’s and blue-chip companies.

IM London

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