What does your brand identity say about your business?

Successful brands, such as Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike, have crafted strong brand identities that have formed the foundation to all their brand assets and marketing elements. Their brand identities are so much more than just their very recognisable logos. These well known global brands have created brand identities that creatively and clearly represent their business’ authority, expertise and values of their business.

What is Brand Identity?

Simply put your brand identity comprises the visible elements of your brand, such as name, design, colours, logo, typography and tone of your content that help your target audience to identify and distinguish your brand. It is how you want to portray your business to your existing and potential customers.

In order to start building your brand identity, you need to have a clear understanding of your:

  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Values
  • Brand’s USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • Brand Personality

Every aspect of your brand identity needs to be clearly thought out and developed in a style that supports the overall mission, values, messaging, brand personality and business goals. Once your brand identity is developed, we recommend that you create a brand guideline document that provides a guide to all employees and agencies you work with on how to best represent the brand across various channels to ensure a consistent identity across all brand touch points.

Why create a Brand Identity?

1. Recognition

Your brand identity is a visual representation of what your brand is. In other words, it represents the personality and values of your brand. A carefully thought out brand identity will resonate with your target audiences, evoking specific feelings about your brand and become a symbol of recognition.

2. Awareness

Creating a strong brand identity and guide for how to implement it, will ensure that your brand is the focus of all your marketing collateral and communications, which helps to drive awareness of your brand through increased visibility.

3. Differentiation

Your brand identity helps you to carve out your brand’s unique positioning in the market place and differentiate it from competitors. It allows your brand to visually portray its unique characteristics and benefits, enabling it to stand out in a competitive market or industry,

4. Consistency

An effective brand identity with clear guidelines creates a cohesive branding package that ensures all marketing collateral and communications maintain consistent messaging as well as a cohesive look and feel that best represents the brand; enabling consumers to recognise the brand at every touchpoint.

5. Loyalty

With brand consistency comes brand loyalty. Through consistent messaging and design along the customer journey, customers are able to develop a real connection with your brand or company, building loyalty and trust in your brand.

Our team of brand specialists would love to support you in developing your:

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