When was the last time you undertook a brand audit?

Having a strong brand is essential for your business. If your branding is not generating value, you are compromising opportunity.

A brand audit becomes a brand investment:

Any investment into your business will be rigorously considered against a set of parameters and ROI. A brand refresh or undertaking a rebranding initiative is very often considered when a business reaches a milestone. For example, when reaching 10, 15, 20 years in business, or when a new CMO/COO joins the company, presenting reason to rethink the status quo or to make improvements to the brand image.

Whilst these can make for sound courses of action, there is a more analytical approach required to well-rounded brand management.

Brand performance should be assessed and evaluated on a timely basis to ensure that your branding is in line with your vision and values, relevant to stakeholder groups – both external customers and internal – and consistently experienced across all touch points.

Brand Audits - Good For Your Business?

The significance of strong, relevant branding:

A powerful brand will inspire and engage your audience and ultimately increase conversions and sales. A strong, consistent brand retains customers and requires less spend to attract new ones. A powerful brand also cultivates referrals and commands a premium.

However, an inconsistent, irrelevant and or disconnected brand will not achieve desired results such as these.

What is a brand audit?

A calculated approach to brand management should involve regular brand audits. A brand audit, often termed a brand health check, is a thorough examination of a brand’s current position in the market, against the competition, providing a review of effectiveness. A comprehensive brand audit will reveal new growth opportunities for your business, and new ways to make your brand resonate with both existing and a new generation of target customers who will represent your brand’s long-term future. Even seemingly successful brands need a regular brand audit or health check to keep them on track to reach their goals.

Why Undertaking a Brand Audit is Good For Your Business

In short, a brand audit will assess and evaluate the performance of your brand against a series of criteria including:

  • Relevance to achieving your business vision and reflecting your established business values
  • Your relevance in the marketplace to stakeholder groups – especially your primary target audience
  • The integration of your brand’s visuals, services and products in relation to customer experience
  • The consistency of your branding across all customer touch points.

A brand audit can be scaled to any business size, sector and customer base, and can be as thorough as required. Most importantly, undertaking a brand audit will deliver solutions that can be transformed into actionable results. Gaps in your branding will be identified (or not!) and investment into your rebrand, brand refresh or customer experience application efforts can be efficiently focused and tailored.

Keeping branding relevant and on track is important in driving brand value and relevance. Similarly to any other asset, your brand requires managing diligently through application, monitoring, evaluation and maintenance.

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