A common question that is asked is whether print or digital is the right form of marketing to pursue – which is most effective in terms of customer reach, cost and impression to sales conversion?

When it comes to print, one of the reasons that many gravitate towards it is the ability to effectively grab the reader’s attention and make a lasting impression. Print media engages multiple senses as well – utilising the textures and finishes of the materials, their smell and the visual aspect – which truly allows consumers to experience the brand’s essence.

“Print is tangible, and consumers can hold it in their hands, therefore it will ALWAYS be an attractive form of marketing.” – David Klein, CEO of Macromark, INC

Because of the palpable nature of this type of marketing, it not only grabs customers’ attention but begins to develop higher quality customer relationships as well.

Print is a medium that easily can direct your customers to an online store, a website or social media presence – therefore solidifying a multi-platform approach to your marketing strategy.

Some additional PROS of print:

·     Raises the bar for creativity
·     Effective at targeting customers
·     Stand out from the rest
·     Easy to budget and measure
·     Displays a sense of quality

If you’re looking at doing a print campaign, we’d love to hear from you! We offer bespoke advice and a free, no-obligation consultation over coffee.