“The strongest logos tell simple stories.”
Sol Sender

A logo, something so simple and seemingly insignificant yet so powerful. Your company logo is a symbol of recognition for your customers and the cornerstone of your brand. A good logo helps customers understand who your brand is and what your brand values are.  Great logo design is memorable and makes a strong impression.

As your business grows, your brand and logo will become more familiar to a wide range of target audiences.

Below we provide a few tips to consider when designing your brand logo:

  1. A logo is the foundation of your brand identity and needs to align with your business. It’s imperative that it separates your brand from the competition.
  2. It needs to grab attention and make a lasting impression on your customers. To create an impression you need to ensure that your logo is unique and will not be easily confused with another brand.
  3. Your logo needs to be effective at any size. Take into consideration that your logo could be used on billboards, on social media platforms or stationery.
  4. A well designed logo should make an impact both in colour as well as black and white
  5. Choosing the right typeface or font for your logo design needs to be given some thought, as the typeface portrays the personality of your brand. For example, a business that sells products for children may choose a handwritten typeface to project they are a child-friendly business. If possible, we would recommend you use a unique font created especially for your logo.
  6. The colour choice of your logo also plays a crucial role in determining your brand’s message and should speak about your brand personality as well. For example, the color blue evokes feelings of trust, togetherness and dependability.

A poorly designed logo may fail to communicate your brand’s message however a perfectly-created logo is able to establish a good rapport with your consumers.

If you need support designing a logo that effectively communicates what your brand stands for, drop us a line at hello@imdubai.uae or hello@imlondon.co.uk and we would love to help.

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