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IM London provides independent consultancy. We are a team of strategists, writers, designers and marketers. With shared ambition, we work with our clients at focal points to engage customers, influence prospects, encourage employees and inspire investors.


Our approach


Acquisitions, mergers, restructures, rebrands, change management – all benefit from an outside view. We add a fresh perspective, taking into consideration the priorities of all stakeholders.


We turn successful market-led thinking, from hands-on experience in complex hospitality and aviation groups, into strategies that unlock value in many sectors.


Our expertise will complement your team. We have the discretion and experience to lead, expedite or work alongside you on highly confidential projects and major strategic challenges.

Our point of view


Amongst shifting trends in airline alliances, aircraft types, airport infrastructure, strategic hubs v point to point, flight consolidation, the economy seat squeeze, global distribution, online third parties, the battle for direct bookings, a la carte pricing, fixed costs, loyalty programmes for today’s travellers – the only constant is market turbulence.

Will current trends drive flying toward full commodity status, given the increasing buying power of a younger generation? The one certainty is that lack of focus on customers’ expectations is not an option if growing market share in the right cabin at the right price is a business goal. The good news is that the growth of a whole new middle class in regions such as Asia and Africa offers an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent the middle ground in a customer focused way.



The speed of company consolidation at group level at the same time as the proliferation of hotel brands for the ‘experience economy’ is accentuating the market shift in this sector across the globe.  

Meanwhile, the need to deliver instant gratification to a generation that can ruthlessly make or break reputations by sharing every experience in real time, piles the pressure on owners and operators to rethink their business models.

For hotels to survive and succeed in the real and virtual world, high quality delivery at every customer touch point has become a hygiene factor; in other words, from a business perspective instant gratification of tactical pricing and promotions for immediate ROI is no longer a viable option. It seems there is no quick fix for sustainable growth in market share or margins without defining and delivering valuable points of difference at each contact point with the guest, online at the hotel and in the local community.



As a sector that is split between traditional organisations with resistance to change and agile start-ups that are re-inventing the wheel, the market opportunity for Finance is either exciting or non-existent depending on where you sit.

Certainly the FinTech part of the market seems well placed to grab market share from traditional sources at the same time as opening up possibilities to new types of customers; meanwhile, overlaid on all is the need to find efficient ways to integrate the non-stop flow of new legislation and restrictions.

By thinking through challenges from a customer viewpoint, the opportunity for solving old problems in new ways appears to be limitless for those companies that take the time to listen to a younger but fast growing generation who value convenience, control and personalisation highly; customer centric thinking will win out in the long term.

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IM is a specialist branding, marketing & creative agency. Established in London and Dubai, our purpose is to deliver formidable branding, marketing and creative expertise for startups, SME’s and blue-chip companies.

IM London

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95 Mortimer Street,
London W1W 7ST
United Kingdom

IM Dubai

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P.O. Box 4422 Fujairah


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