“93% of business purchase decisions start with a search engine search of websites”

Most customers today search online for information that will assist them in making smarter purchasing decisions and this trend is only increasing more over time as more businesses move into the E-commerce space.  This buying behaviour highlights the importance of having a visually engaging, user friendly website that helps your customers find the answers to solve their problems.

Your website presents an instant snapshot of your brand to current and potential customers; however, far too often website branding comes across as an afterthought, with little attention paid to the brand implementation across content and visitor journeys.

The goal of your website is to attract more visitors, generate business leads, promote your products and/or services and ultimately convert sales.  Your website needs to help your brand cut through clutter and build a level of trust and loyalty with your customers. In order to do so, your website should capture the essence of your brand and bring it to life.

“Roughly 75% of online customers have reported judging the credibility of a brand based on the design of their website”


Website branding is so much more than just the logo and choice of colors, it is about the characteristics of your brand that provide your brand with a relevant and relatable personality. The tone of voice, unique attributes and the aesthetics should radiate your brand and feel like a natural extension of your brand DNA.

Reebok is a fantastic example of strong website branding. Their website is sleek, bold and on trend, with strong brand messaging and imagery that converts who they are and how they can help their customers.

Enness is another great example (designed and developed by our IM team) of effective website branding. Their website is easy to navigate with a fresh, distinctive look for the high end finance sector.

As brand specialists, we are passionate about branding and the added value that this can bring to a business. If you need support in creating a website that is on brand and will help you to stand out in the marketplace, email us at hello@imlondon.co.uk or hello@imdubai.ae

If you would like to gain more insight into the importance of your digital brand, please head over to our blog post on digital branding.

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